Lost In Transit

Top 10 Smart Cities in the U.S.

“Smart City” brings to mind visions of grand, futuristic looking scenes: perhaps a moving sidewalk with a high-speed railway and crop of wind turbines turning in the scenery. But the reality is that smart cities are just cities that are adopting innovative, technology-driven solutions to improve the efficiency of their city; no moving sidewalks necessary. Here are 10 smart cities in the U.S. that are leading the pack.

Todd Talks Funding! – pt. 1

Public transit plays a vital role for individuals and communities. As such, a positive revenue stream is essential to all public and human service transportation agencies providing service to its customers.

The Future of Mobility

The transportation industry has gone through significant changes over the past decade as new technologies and innovations move transportation into uncharted territory. As a result, transit agencies are presented with more opportunities to advance their services and to offer riders with more mobility options especially through…

Roll Up Your Sleeves

Rhonda Briggins grew up very fast and very young. Her biological parents raised her along with hundreds of foster children in their home since she was six years old, and they continue to welcome more to this day. Growing up wasn’t always easy for her as a child, but those experiences have instilled in her the true meaning of being a civil citizen.

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