Meet the Speakers of #UC2018!

By: Brittany Maher 
Marketing Content Writer

In this three-part blog series, we'll recap all of our favorite moments of the Routematch User Conference 2018. Check out what we love about #UC2018 and visit our attendee spotlight!

Brent Gleeson: Leadership Summit
Motivation. Inspiration. Education.

What do you get when you combine a Navy Seal, accomplished entrepreneur, and writer? An amazing motivational speaker, that’s what. Right off the bat at our Tuesday Leadership Summit, Brent got managers, executives and leaders across the transit industry buzzing with excitement and energy. He shared his perspectives from being a part of SEAL Team 5 to how he turned his discipline and battlefield lessons to the world of business.

“It’s not just about the people at the very top but rather the innate ability of every single member of the team to take on roles and responsibilities outside of our own job descriptions in order to help the team accomplish the mission. It’s about translating individual performance into team accomplishment.” Brent Gleeson

From leadership on all levels to team building, Brent brought a special combination of humor, intensity, and passion to his presentation and it really stuck with the crowd. Attendees left feeling motivated and excited – with that anything is possible, “I got this!” feeling. Attendees also received signed copies of Brent’s book, Taking Points.

“#TakingPoint from Brent Gleeson this morning. Awesome way to start the day! Thank you Routematch for the incredible session!” - Jill Drury, Charlevoix County Transit

Keynote speaker: Parisa Khosravi
Leading with Empathy and Compassion

When Parisa Khosravi spoke about her career as an award-winning journalist and former Senior Vice President at CNN Worldwide, she captivated the audience with compelling stories about the importance of leading with empathy and compassion. But she really captured our hearts when she emphasized the power of finding your voice and told us about the journey of giving a voice to the voiceless – both through fearless international storytelling but also through her son finding his own inner voice and sharing it with the world. She encouraged the crowd to look beyond the surface to achieve above and beyond our limitations. We may or may not have cried.

“There are no words. I have sat through many keynote speakers but none that have moved me like this lady. It was emotional and very uplifting all at the same time. I am a better person for being in her company for less than an hour.”- Sharon Doyle, York Transit

Kristi McLaughlin: Bonus Workshop
Must-know Info: ADA and Paratransit

Kristi is an expert when it comes to all things paratransit and transportation provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act. She’s spent over ten years providing training and technical assistance on travel training, transportation and the ADA. She educates others with the kind of conviction that leaves us with those eye-opening, light-bulb-on-top-of-our-head moments. On Thursday, in her content-rich and interactive workshop, she left the crowd with minds chock-full of fresh knowledge when she addressed:  

  • ADA complementary paratransit eligibility
  • Types of eligibility & methods of eligibility determination
  • Conditional eligibility with an emphasis on difficult determinations
  • The regulatory requirements for transit agencies

 “Excellent presentation…Thank you Mrs. Kristi McLaughlin!” - Lisa Brooks, Greater Lynchburg Transit Co GLTC

Pepper Harward: The Future of Transit
Words from One of our Own

We kicked off Day 3 of #UC2018 with arguably the biggest transit nerd of them all, Routematch’s very own Pepper Harward. With equal parts intelligence and passion, Pepper enthusiastically brought conference-goers along to explore the uncharted territories of the future of transit. As more and more innovative technology emerges, and increased mobility options change the world of public transit – transit agencies have more opportunities to push the boundaries. Pepper spoke on how to take full advantage of these new and exciting possibilities. As always, Pepper encourages us to think outside of the box.

Next be sure to check out what we love about #UC2018 and visit our attendee spotlight!

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