Empower your paratransit riders to mobilize their lives at any moment.

Inspiring Local Passage

With our paratransit rider app, Amble, your riders experience the flexibility to live freely and spontaneously through technology designed with accessibility first in mind. Amble will enhance and simplify your riders' trip planning experience allowing them to request, view and cancel trips at their convenience.

Make Your Riders' Dreams Come True


Streamline Scheduling & Dispatching
Bookings and cancellations are automatically communicated to dispatchers for approval

Convenient Access 24/7
Riders enjoy an efficient trip request experience either through a smartphone or online portal with access to all trip details

Reduce Wasteful Trip Losses
Allow riders to see upcoming trips and view real-time information on vehicle ETA's, resulting in reduced no-show rates and same day cancellations.

Shift Your Focus onto Customer Service
Reduces call volumes and labor costs free up time focus on building customer relationship and satisfaction

Personalize Every Ride
Riders can set account profiles to suit their needs, including mobility preferences and accessibility features

Expand Business Hours
Modernize your system with more mobility options and enable riders to book trips outside your hours of operation

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A Journey Towards Accessibility

Amble is our newest mobile app designed with all riders in mind and with the flexibility to adapt and configure to your agency’s services. With Amble, your riders can get where they need, when they want easier than ever.

  • Request, view and cancel trips
  • Manage account profile
  • Indicate mobility type & add guests & attendants
  • See the ETA of next ride & view vehicle location on map
  • Save favorite addresses

Amble is also available an online web portal for riders with all the same functionality of the mobile app.

I can do almost anything you can do, I just do it differently. In the case of transit, the mobility app allows me to just do it. And that’s what matters to me.

Mobility Plus Rider |  York Regional Transit

Check It Out For Yourself!

Download the mobile app today on Apple iTunes or Google Play to check out how Amble can impact and benefit your paratransit community!

Amble is compatible with iPhone and Android devices.

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