More freedom & accessibility for your demand response & paratransit riders.

Empowering Every Ride

Even though demand response is an everyday requirement of transit agencies, it can be tricky to manage. We’re here to ease the strain and help you exceed your demand response and ADA paratransit goals with a flexible, scalable solution.

Whether you’d like to optimize schedules and routes, increase passengers per revenue mile, reduce rider no-shows or minimize driver idle time and overtime, our technology can help you target the areas that most impact savings—and most impact your riders.


Optimize Your Performance Delivery
Identify the most optimal course of action with visibility into multiple services to efficiently manage daily operations.

Improve Trip Management and Verification
Access real-time insight into your performance data and validate all operations data including runs, trips, and routes.

Increase Connectivity with Customers
Establish effective communication with your riders with tools and notifications to help manage their trips.

Achieve High-Impact Dispatching
Readily access information you need for intelligent dispatching and informed operations decisions.

Easily Administer Eligibility Processes
Capture all data needed for government audits and improve your eligibility processes and certification functions.

Leverage Robust Reporting
Reduce time spent on compiling reports with over 50 reports that intuitively manage your demand response data.


A Powerful Platform To Solve Challenges

Routematch Demand is a comprehensive solution that tackles multiple passenger transportation challenges, regardless of the scope and complexity.

Our core Demand system handles all your needs from customer registration through reporting, allowing you to focus on connecting your customers to future opportunities.

  • Track & maintain all pertinent information for each customer
  • Streamline the reservation process so that users can easily create, modify or delete trips and search for customers and reservations
  • Build, edit & optimize schedules and routes through manual, computer-assisted and automated scheduling methods
  • Quickly access schedules, manage same-day and will call trips, and organize customer information with customized data views and workflows
  • Integrated vehicle tracking through mobile data devices and GPS technology
  • Validate all information for daily operations including runs, trips, stops and routes to easily update all information for transportation data and reporting
  • Over 60 standard reports cover all major operational and planning areas for NTD reporting with the flexibility to create custom reports

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