A path towards personalized, transformative services for every rider.

A Moving Platform

With advances in technology, there are more opportunities than ever to break down barriers and remove labels to ensure the freedom and spontaneity of all riders and deliver more personalized mobility.

Our mobility solution creates a foundation for service innovations whether it be addressing first-mile, last-mile and intermodal trips; partnering with third parties such as TNCs, taxis, bike shares or other rideshare services for multimodal transportation; or creating specialized on-demand services that bridge the spectrum of riders from conventional and disadvantage to opportunities and more accessible transit.


Mobility at a Glance

mobility Improved Mobility Management

Improved Mobility Management

Connect your riders to vehicles and multimodal travel hubs through configurable services.

mobility Dynamic Network of Mobility Options

Dynamic Network of Mobility Options

Book multimodal or point-to-point trips according to agency business rules.

mobility Increase Connectivity with Customers

Increase Connectivity with Customers

Establish effective communication with your riders with tools and notifications to help manage their trips.

mobility Monitor Vehicle Activity

Monitor Vehicle Activity

Access real-time trip information and vehicle location with revamped mapping tools.

moblity Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate with traditional scheduling and dispatching tools within your current operations.

mobility Real-Time Multimodal Itineraries

Real-Time Multimodal Itineraries

Mobility’s Ride Matching Engine accounts for weather, traffic, service alerts, and real-time GTFS feeds.


A Dynamic Network Built for Mobility On-Demand

Routematch Mobility is a cloud-based, end-to-end intermodal and multimodal trip planning, scheduling, and delivery solution that leverages your family of services and partners to increase operational efficiency and meet the needs of riders.

With Mobility Management, you can create personalized services by factoring in stops, mobility types and preferences, vehicles, schedule parameters and zones.

On-Demand ride-matching further enhances your agency’s ability to connect riders’ requests for both intermodal and multimodal itineraries in real-time.

AGENCIES can connect riders to vehicles and multimodal travel hubs through configurable services and support on-demand service and third-party integrations.

RIDERS can request or book point-to-point intermodal and multimodal trips while managing their profile, service needs, and checking on trip status.

SEARCH FOR RIDERS and manage or book trips assigned to a specific facility.

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