The Future of Mobility

The Future of Mobility: What’s Next?

The transportation industry has gone through significant changes over the past decade as new technologies and innovations move transportation into uncharted territory. As a result, transit agencies are presented with more opportunities to advance their services and to offer riders with more mobility options especially through public-private partnerships.

Such innovation is advantageous for agencies of all sizes and should be embraced in order to cultivate collaboration, efficiency, and growth not only within the organization but also throughout the community. Change is certainly inevitable in the transportation industry, but being prepared for what’s to come can help your agency come out on top.

The reality is that today’s business model of operating within a pre-scheduled trip environment is becoming unsustainable with the growing population of paratransit riders. Many agencies recognize the need for a new approach but are unsure of where to begin.

In this edition of Routematch Insights, we present two major business concepts that will transform your agency and help strategically lay the groundwork for the future: intermodal transportation and a hybrid environment. We’ve seen agencies achieve extraordinary outcomes by implementing these business models, resulting in significant cost savings per trip while opening the capacity for additional trips without added resources.

Download the full article using the link below to learn more, and be sure to consider these business concepts as you build out your agency’s mobility strategy for the future.

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