Lost In Transit

Category: Technology

PTS Canada Podcast

Being aware of how to access federal funding for local transit is essential to all transportation agencies. What better way to go in depth on funding opportunities presented by the Canadian Public Transit Stream than to sit down with Routematch’s very own Todd Allen, Director of Government and Community Affairs. Listen to out podcast to learn more!

Creating Universally Accessible Technology

In continuation of our accessibility first blog series, we interviewed our Senior Product Designer, Jason Reynolds, to learn more about what inspired him to take an accessibility first approach to our technology and how he hopes tools designed with accessibility first can be implemented in the future.

Accessibility First: A Healthier Version of Inclusivity

Accessibility is essential in order to create modern tech tools that veer away from excluding people from using transit products and services. However, when tech tools are designed with accessibility as an afterthought, it creates barriers that tend to exclude people from using them.