PTS Canada Podcast

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by Brittany Maher
Marketing Content Writer

It’s more than technology. It’s about partnership.

When it comes to public transit, having access to efficient and sustainable infrastructure plays a vital role for the well being of individuals and communities. And, being aware of how to access federal funding for local transit is essential to all transportation agencies.

That's why we wanted to tell you about the exciting (and historic) new federal transit funding that was approved by the Canadian parliament, the Canadian Public Transit Stream, otherwise known as PTS Canada.

In our debut podcast, we'll discuss everything you need to know about PTS:
  • The program
  • It's purpose
  • The process
  • Preparing a 3-year infrastructure plan
  • and more!
In summary, the purpose of PTS is to:
  • Improve the “capacity, quality, safety of, and access to, public transit infrastructure”
  • Foster economic growth
  • Connect communities
  • Support a low carbon, green economy
  • and Create a better quality of life for all

What better way to go in depth on this topic than to sit down with Routematch's very own Todd Allen, Director of Government and Community Affairs and funding aficionado. 

Listen to the podcast to find out more!

“It provides a historic, roughly 20.1 billion, federal investment in transit for the next ten years...” 
- Todd Allen, Director of Government and Community Relations at Routematch

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