Lost In Transit

A Goldilocks System: The Microtransit Solution

The transportation industry is largely concentrated at two ends of the transportation spectrum. The first extreme is the mostly solitary endeavor of private automobiles or taxi services, while on the other end, there’s the highly populated and fixed public transportation. But between these two opposite staples of transportation…

5 Tips for Selecting Transit Technology

In hopes to ease some of the aches and pains of the decision process – Routematch has come up with five helpful tips to point out some key items to consider when procuring software. You and your agency can reference these when determining your agency’s requirements. We hope that the tips detailed inside will…

Innovative Procurement: Reforming a Traditional System

An element of traditional procurement that agencies are challenging is the idea that design and construction are two distinct phases carried out by separate private firms. The sharp distinction between these phases can cause delays, so some agencies are piloting the new method of unsolicited proposals.

Todd Talks Funding! – pt. 3

Diverse federal, state, and local revenue sources are critical in support of services provided by public and human service transportation agencies across the United States.
Many of these agencies’ funding opportunities come in the form of public, private, non-profit, and foundation grants.

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