#UC2018 Attendees Spotlight!

By: Brittany Maher
Marketing Content Writer

In this three-part blog series, we'll recap all of our favorite moments of the Routematch User Conference 2018. Check out what we love about #UC2018 and meet the speakers who engaged us!


Transit nerds, assemble!

At our North American User Conference 2018, Routematchers and nearly 300 of our fellow transit nerds congregated at the InterContinental Hotel Buckhead in Atlanta to connect and explore new opportunities for professional development. Agencies from all over North America gathered with the intent of #connectingwithpurpose – and that’s exactly what we did!

To show our gratitude for the awesome and inspiring attendees who traveled far and wide to attend this year’s User Conference, we’ve rounded up some attendee sentiments during the conference that remind us of the magic that can happen when passionate people come together under one roof.

Derek Broadbent
Operations Manager
Macatawa Area Express Transportation

“Sitting here thinking about today as we hang out together in the bar area. Lots of fun and joy going on. I’m thankful. Thankful for the joy, thankful for the people, and thankful for the opportunities that will be coming up. I’m really looking forward to continuing to develop relationships with my fellow transit pros to work together to impact the world and change the dynamic for those who are in need.”


Lashonda Mckinney Wilson
Executive Director
Bolivar County Council On Aging, Inc.

“We do what we do because we know we are making a difference in some many lives by providing a service that sustains the quality of life! Embracing change, overcoming obstacles! Transit is our way of improving the quality of life for all people!”

Demetria Freeman
Call Center Lead
Chatham Area Transit

“Really enjoyed #UC2018 this year! Learned a lot of new stuff, met a lot of great people and had a boatload of fun! Can't wait to see everyone again next year! Now I am enjoying my next 3 days in Atlanta before going back to Savannah.”


Jennifer Pond
Southwest Transit

”This morning I went to the opening session. Connecting with purpose! How many people actually consider or thought about your purpose? Over the years I’ve learned to follow my purpose! Why I’m here, what’s my role, what do I want to do to live my life to the fullest! Taken many years to figure this out! At one time in my life I hated going to work, I felt I had no choice. When coming to Southwest Public Transportation I needed to have a job, to make it. In the last few months my job has a new purpose, it’s no longer that I need a job, it is now fulfilling my purpose that resonates with me! 

Justin Schuchman
City of Ridgecrest

“Thanks Route Match for the fun times and new knowledge in the reporting module. I was able to make new friends and fix some of the issues we were struggling with.”


Trista Ragsdale
Kingsport Area Transit

“Routematch UC2018, it has been an awesome week. Thank you for your spectacular hospitality, wonderful food, amazing venue, and mostly for your vast amount of knowledge you've shared with us all. Expect many phone calls in coming weeks!”

Sharon Doyle
Manager Mobility Plus and On-demand
York Region Transit

“Bahman, your team has made us feel like family yet again. It has been an amazing week. Thank you from YRT.”


Elander Graham
Tripper Route Supervisor
City of Rome Transit

“Smiles can go a long way with people, but Routematch go beyond just a smile! They travel abroad to show how much every transit family is important to them!”

Christina Harrison
Superintendent of Operations
Norwalk Transit District

“Thank you Routematch for an amazing, informative and fun filled conference. Looking forward to the next one!”


Next be sure to check out what we love about #UC2018 and meet the speakers who engaged us!


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