Routematch Acquires 2g Transit Solutions

, Bringing Fast and Scalable Business Intelligence to Public Transit Systems Worldwide

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ATLANTA, GA - November 29, 2018

Routematch, Inc.™ today announced the acquisition of 2g Transit Solutions Inc.™ (2g), the leading data analytics company for public transit services. 2g supports Routematch’s continued growth plans to bring transit agencies advanced business intelligence for making more informed business decisions.

2g has been at the forefront of developing a comprehensive Cloud-based data analytics platform used to measure and provide insight into operational performance.  Through the new partnership, more than 500 Routematch clients can help improve rider experiences and operational performance with 2g’s flagship product, Transit Miner.  2g’s customers will also receive an infusion of both business and technical resources for further product innovation.  While 2g will remain a separate corporate entity, the company’s staff will join the Routematch team to further shape current and future analytics initiatives.

“We found a phenomenal partner in 2g and expect this will bring tremendous value to our customers almost immediately,” said Pepper Harward, Vice President of Transit Solutions at Routematch. “We are equally excited about future possibilities as we begin to integrate and build on our respective products with an aligned vision. This acquisition gives us an excellent foundation of operations-centric analytics to complement Routematch’s innovations around rider-centric analytics and machine learning. Both business-intelligence domains will be necessary for modern transit agencies and mobility integrators to be successful, and we’re excited to take such a significant step toward shaping that future.”

Said Ben Greene, CEO for 2g Transit Solutions, “After a lengthy discovery process, we believe we have found the perfect partner in Routematch, a company of fellow “Transit Nerds” whose core values and mission align closely to our own.  We have high aspirations to further scale our product vision and enhance the value of business intelligence in the transit industry. We are excited to embark on this next adventure with the Routematch team.”

About Us 2g Transit Solutions, Inc.

2g Transit Solutions is a software as a service company that brings 30 years of transit technology experience and is considered to be one the foremost experts in transit data analytics and business intelligence. 2g's premier product, Transit Miner, has been installed at over sixty transit operations across the US and Canada ranging in size from 100 to over 14,000 trips per day. Transit Miner currently tracks over ~50k trips per day historically and in real-time having been designed to be scaled infinitely without degradation of the service. Transit Miner has quickly become the premier BI solution for transit operations, continuously setting new standards for features and content doing so on-time and on-budget.

About Routematch, Inc. 

Routematch’s mission is to develop human solutions that focus on real people and impact the quality of life for those individuals and communities. Through scalable technologies, Routematch connect agencies to their futures and riders to their opportunities. Its transit technology solutions serve Demand Response and Fixed Route market needs as well as provides solutions for automated faring, Mobility On Demand for flexible service planning, and mobile applications for rider engagement. The privately- held company is comprised of a passionate team of more than 170 engineers, business, client care and operational professionals.


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