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Rhonda Briggins, MARTA

Senior Director of External Affairs

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MARTA Headquarters in Atlanta, GA and
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In one word, she describes herself as “blessed.”

Rhonda Briggins grew up very fast and very young. Her biological parents raised her along with hundreds of foster children in their home since she was six years old, and they continue to welcome more to this day. Growing up wasn’t always easy for her as a child, but those experiences have instilled in her the true meaning of being a civil citizen.

While attending the Jones School of Law in Montgomery, she had an epiphany that altered the course of her career path. Rhonda realized her purpose was not in practicing law but rather in establishing the law itself. After graduating from law school, she became a lobbyist and focused on public policy work that would foster the next movement for equality in America.

Today, as the Senior Director of External Affairs at the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), Rhonda is channeling her personal experiences and steadfast energy into helping the Atlanta community thrive. “I have a social and moral responsibility beyond myself,” Rhonda explains. “When you’re at decision-making tables you have to make the best decision, not based on your own needs, but the community as a whole.”

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