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Routematch CTAA Workshop Recap

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by: Brittany Maher
Marketing Content Writer

Moving Mobility Forward

At the 2018 CTAA Expo in Pittsburgh, transit agencies from across North America congregated at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center to explore the future of mobility.

Pepper Harward, Routematch’s Vice President of Transit Solutions, guided attendees through the interactive workshop: “Understanding All Things On-Demand Transit.” Through group discussions, case studies, and interactive exercises, Pepper encouraged transit agencies to explore new, innovative ways of measuring success and developing solutions around the accessibility first approach.

Accessibility first means designing tools or services around inclusivity and addressing the most challenging circumstances upfront, rather than trying to retrofit public transit after the fact, to provide equal access to equal opportunity.

With this theme in mind, agencies actively participated in:

  • Defining orphan mobility markets
  • Determining new solutions to rider's unmet needs
  • Defining clear goals for their organizations
  • Discovering the tools needed to move forward
 "This new concept of mobility on demand is the first service innovation that has been born under the full illumination of our ADA maturity and where we've come as a society in terms of accessibility."
— Pepper Harward, VP of Transit Solutions

In case you missed it, you can catch a glimpse of Pepper's workshop here:


In next week’s blog post, we’ll dive deeper and discuss how the implementation of an accessibility first approach  can create more universally accessible applications in technology.

Stay tuned for more!


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