Baldwin Area Rural Transportation System

Robertsdale, Alabama

About Baldwin Area Rural Transportation System

Located in Robertsdale, Alabama, Baldwin Rural Area Transportation System (BRATS) is a growing demand response transportation provider delivering approximately 1,200 trips a day throughout the 1,600 square miles of Baldwin County. Because of its proximity to the Gulf Shores tourist areas near Orange Beach while also situated between the growing retirement communities of Mobile and Pensacola, BRATS is continually facing increased ridership demands. Technology has served as a foundation to help their operational team meet those demands as they perform an average of 750,000 passenger service miles per year for demand response and deviated fixed route services combined.

“We were able to see how Paducah Area Transit System was able to use Routematch to improve their operations, and grow with the technology” –Chandra Middleton, Assistant Director of Transportation at BRATS.



  • Needed scheduling software upgrade and automation ability
  • Outdated and unreliable reporting abilities
  • Aging mobile data computers
  • Reduce operational costs

Routematch Products Used

  • Routematch Demand
  • Mobile Data Services and Tablets
  • Automatic Vehicle Location


  • Reduced size of vehicle fleet (saving on costs and fuel)
  • Able to identify and eliminate gaps in operational efficiencies
  • Ability to run and verify data for reporting and billing purposes
  • Increased scheduling ability and ability to meet trip demands
  • Saved costs on aging hardware repairs