Demand Response Track

New Tools for Dispatching Boost efficiencies with new tools for more dynamic dispatching
Engage the Rider Learn how rider-facing tools can open up new opportunities for greater rider satisfaction in this overview of Amble, Webportals, Notifications, IVR, Pay & Mobility.
Tablets & MDCs Tablet troubleshooting tips and best practices for smooth operations will be covered. Get a first look at a new MDC and overview of MDM (mobile device management).
Recommended Features to Tackle Common Challenges Maximize your platform during times you need it the most.  Hear about tools you might not know of to tackle common operational scenarios.
Reporting Insights & Leveraging Data From standard and ad-hoc to quick reports, learn to master your data needs for greater operational insights and NTD submissions.
Managing the Rising Costs of Trips: Cancellations, No-shows & Will-calls  Explore ways to address the rising costs of paratransit trips with different features and applying different policy approaches.
The Amble Mobile App: Rider Feedback & Future Plans Hear from peer user, HIRTA, about their Amble story and from the Routematch product team about upcoming developments in this product.
Making Automated Faring Accessible Hear from peer user Pelivan Transit about how they tackle cash management issues while empowering riders with more options.
Best Practices in Verifying Your Data & Managing Exceptions  Explore best practices in Verification.  Learn to identify and fix data inconsistencies and run helpful reports.
Free up More Time with Scheduling It's training tips on best scheduling practices galore. Also see new ways of scheduling with recent trip booking features.
Mobility: Connecting the Vision to the Product  Explore different approaches to expand the boundaries of transit. See how it can work in your community, the product in action and where we are headed.
7 Secrets Shared by the Pros 7 secrets for day to day productivity improvements through useful features you may not even know about
7 More Secrets Shared by the Pros 7 more secrets for day to day productivity improvements through useful features you may not even know about
How and When to Leverage Consulting Services From deployments, to on-site visits, to special training and operational assessments, learn about how consulting services can help you.

Fixed Route Track

Technologies to Transform the Rider Experience Examine technologies to win and retain riders: Routeshout, WebPortals, Pay, Mobility
Latest Advances in Routematch FR Dive into advances & "new stuff": WebPortal, Depot Monitor, AVA, MDCs
Verification & Reporting for Fixed Route Operations Is what's happened on the road matching what's in your software? Learn how to review and correct data.
Proactive Monitoring through Reports Leverage Reporting to proactively maintain and monitor the health of your Fixed Route system: examine headways, on time performance, run times, NTD & onboard device activity.
Heads-Up on Hardware Review of hardware devices (Tablet, VLU, APC, AVA) and learn tips and troubleshooting techniques.
The Software Side of Hardware Learn how to use software indicators to troubleshoot your hardware.
Modern Faring Meets Rider Expectations Learn how mobile ticketing works and discuss with peer users why. Explore new ways to attract more riders and modernize your system.
Prevent and Manage Those Daily Hiccups  The mission? No surprises. Moving trips? Vehicle breakdowns? Where's my Bus? Where's my Driver?  Learn to be proactive with your Fixed Route Dispatching.
Demystifying the world of GTFS Navigating the world of GTFS requirements for third party submissions.
Targets: what are they and why you need them? Learn why setting the right targets is foundational to a solid fixed route operation.

Voices of Transit Track

Achieving Your Service Planning Goals Roundtable Join Cadillac Wexford Transit to learn how to expand your system, close service gaps and provide tighter connections in your service delivery models. Hear from peers about what's worked and what's not.
Driver Shortage & Management Roundtable Join Athens Transit System for shared stories and creative solutions on how to recruit, retain and manage drivers.
Take Advantage of the Federal Funding You Have Come learn how to prepare for federal funding from government affairs expert, Todd Allen. Learn about new grants and opportunities for community partnerships to help you win the next round.
How Can we Measure Transit Success for the Future? How to tie your role in the community to health outcomes, rider engagement and business partnerships.
Product Deep Dive: Transit Miner Good data leads to good decisions.  Get the insider view on our latest product, Transit Miner.
Tomorrow's Riders Roundtable Who are the riders of today and tomorrow? We will look at stats and population trends. How can we as an industry plan for the future?

Urban Trending Track

Transit Fleets and Autonomy What are the potential impacts to Transit with autonomous vehicles?
Inconvenient Truths of Micro Transit Let's take a closer look at this buzz word and separate the truths from the myths.
Advanced Analytics Solutions Large City Operations are data dependent and robust analytics tools are required. Get the insider view on our latest product, Transit Miner.
Interconnected Mobility Lyft, Uber, Scooters, First Mile, Last Mile, Intermodal…  what is the role of Transit in the evolving ecosystem?  Discuss and share how to manage market disrupters.


Intensive: Demand Response 7.0 & Scheduling Here's a thorough look at the new Demand Response 7.0 environment and fine tune your scheduling skills in this deep dive.
Intensive: Deep Dive: Mobility on Demand Beyond the hype, dive deep into the trends of mobility and the product Mobility-On-Demand.
Intensive: Sharing Fixed Route Best Practices and Challenges From service changes to run management to exceptions & spans, learn Routematch best practices from the Pros.

Certifications (Demand Response) 

Masters of Reporting 2 full days of classes focused solely on Reporting. Once complete, you will understand how to generate any Standard, Ad Hoc, or Quick Report report(s) as well as interpret the data that's generated. You will be tested to show competency before being awarded your certification.
Masters of Scheduling The goal of this certification is for attendees to be able to integrate the RouteMatch Scheduling Engine (RSE) into their operations, by using a combination of techniques to generate efficient schedules using a consistent process and be able to analyze and resolve issues that a scheduler may encounter.

General Sessions

Made for You Prepare to get the most out of your conference experience.  Meet your Routematch ambassador to review your goals and customize your agenda.
Opening and the Promise of Transit Welcome and Routematch highlights
Keynote Andrew Evans, National Geographic 
CTAA and APTA Perspectives on Federal Activities for 2019 and Beyond  Join CTAA's Scott Bogren and APTA's Ward McCarragher (invited)  to discuss FTA and insights in funding and focus areas for Transit
Mobility and the Promise of Transit What's changing the Transit landscape and how can Transit innovate and adapt?
Envisioning a Future of Automated Faring  Why Routematch is investing and what it means to you. Learn how Automated Faring can lead to inclusivity and sustainability.
Closing session Closing remarks and raffle