Smartly Plan. Optimize. Improve.

Demand response providers face pressing challenges today. Rising fuel and labor costs, increases in rider demand, and changing regulations often strain operations and service. RouteMatch Demand is an end-to-end demand response solution built around providing accessibility options to riders and sustaining and improving operations.

We target the areas where technology can most directly impact savings.  Such areas include increasing the number of passengers per revenue mile, reducing the number of rider no shows, minimizing  idle time and driver over time, and optimizing schedules and routes. Real-time rider communication is also our big focus.  Our technology has collectively saved our customers millions of dollars.

Because One Size Does Not Fit All

Highly configurable and scalable, we model an individual agency’s operational workflow.  The result is a practical and cost effective system that flexes to demand response providers’ individual needs and processes.



Flexibility Where it Counts the Most

  • Dynamic scheduling and dispatching
  • Route optimization
  • Centralized management of your rider eligibility functions- such as certification, determination, application, conditional eligibility, negotiations and reporting requirements
  • Provider management tools
  • Verify route, run and trip information
  • Automatically calculate complex billing rules with RouteMatch’s powerful billing engine for cost allocation and Medicaid billing
  • Customer notification phone or email reminders for reduced no shows and improved service
  • Flexible user defined settings
  • Extensible coordination and mobility management tools
  • Robust National Transit Database (NTD), Custom, and Ad hoc reporting – such as driver manifests, productivity reports, cancellations and no shows, schedule adherence, on time performance, passenger counts, vehicle utilization, standing orders (and much more)
  • Key performance indicators tracking and business analytics
  • Affordable, integrated Mobile data devices for paperless and real-time automated vehicle location, manifest management, enhanced driver and dispatch communications
  • Pre and post vehicle  inspection for safety
  • AVL play back for safety
  • Fixed route integration
  • Integrate real-time GTFS feeds for multi-modal trip connection protection
  • Third party integration for mass import or export of third party data
  • Web portals for sharing customer and trip information

Go Further with Mobile Data Devices

To further enhance your Demand Response operations, RouteMatch offers Android-based, in-vehicle mobile data management platforms that will:

  • Boost driver-dispatch communications
  • Improve on-time performance
  • Provide instant route navigations
  • And more!

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“Tablet deployments went very smoothly. Our IT department and RouteMatch coordinated very well. The change to the tablets from mobile data computers was so seamless that dispatchers didn’t notice the difference. Information transmission and communications also seem to be faster.”




“We liked that RouteMatch has comprehensive technologies that can be used in different ways. We spoke with numerous transit agencies and chose RouteMatch due to the company’s reputation. Because of the flexibility of RouteMatch to build upon our system, we are now able to try things we haven’t done before” 

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