With RouteMatch, you are assured of technology innovation that allows you to make a positive impact on your operations, ridership and bottom line. All of our technologies share common pillars for achieving your mobility management vision.

Integrated Platform for Growing

  • Multi-modal functionality from one, integrated system
  • Flexible and scalable solutions
  • Single source code and natively supported
  • Mix and match functionalities based on needs
  • Efficient management of all transit resources
  • Direct customer feedback into product development; no additional upgrade costs

Meaningful Reporting & Business Intelligence

  • Real- time decision making capabilities
  • Powerful analytics  – Visibility into multi-dimensional views and ability to drill down into specific performance indicators based on job function, time, location, vehicle, trip and other key performance measures
  • Dynamic data warehouse for consistency
  • Quickly accessible Ad hoc and standard reports – complete information for State and Federal compliance

Complete Systems and Devices Management

  • Built-in Third party integration for other systems and hardware
  • One source for management , support and maintenance for multiple devices and systems
  • Hardware agnostic and partner to proven providers

Built-in Optimization at Every Touch Point

  • Tools for schedule adherence, future service planning, and handling and planning for ridership demand
  • Dynamic scheduling and routing
  • Proactive rules-based engines

Choice of Deployment

  • In the Cloud/Software- as- a- Service
  • On premise

Multi-modal Approach

  • Facilitates mobility management/coordination with multiple transportation providers
  • Centralized reporting with configurable dataviews
  • Trip by trip coordination