Sometimes, Even Experts Need More.

RouteMatch Advanced Consulting Group (ACG) is RouteMatch’s post-implementation, customized service offering of RouteMatch professional expertise strategic and tactical operational and business problem-solving.

ACG is for RouteMatch customers who are looking to improve or strengthen their understanding of RouteMatch solutions.

RouteMatch ACG is composed of RouteMatch subject matter experts with deep operational knowledge and technical insight into our ITS enterprise platform. Our team members apply their wealth of experience – ranging from billing complexities, fare structures, ADA compliance, coordination, third party integration, and government reporting requirements, etc. – to help you get the most value out of your RouteMatch solution.

Why would do you need RouteMatch’s ACG?

There are several reasons –

Maybe your agency is experiencing some changes or trying to manage a series of challenging events. Some examples include:

  • Staff and management changes
  • New funding programs
  • Service changes
  • Agency merge/split
  • ADA audits
  • Cost budgeting challenges
  • Trip changes


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“We were struggling with a manual process that was an enormous drain on time and resources – 70-100 faxed pages per day, we required four members of our staff to manually input trips, totaling five hours per day. It also resulted in a back-log of work and slowed down other important duties our staff needed to tend to such as verification and scheduling. We approached RouteMatch Advanced Consulting and they were able to zero in on the issue and build an import which enabled us to bypass this tedious process. Now, it only takes one employee minutes to download the information. We immediately caught up in a month’s worth of verification, are no longer back-logged, and have freed up staff time.”





“RouteMatch does a good job of hearing out our challenges, and through their RouteMatch Advanced Consulting, they have been able to explain and navigate us through concentrated areas where we needed extra help. We have been able to experience a jump in productivity by 25% in number of passengers per revenue hour just in the past four weeks and are noticing constant improvements in scheduling. These are hard numbers that really make an impact. We are also working on ways to engage our operators so they can even get greater utilization of our system, and improve our use of RouteMatch’s billing tools. Any type of software requires education and training, and we always have to look at how we use RouteMatch from a fresh perspective. Our relationship with RouteMatch has truly become a partnership, and I am excited about our future plans moving forward.”